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Electric guitar wood molding profile

  Although the electric guitar electric highlights a word, but he is still the basis of timber. Wood molding point is the choice of wood and a variety of dimensions with certainty. Electric guitar style is divided into 56 kinds according to their context in the selection and the use of different materials, they will sound according to characteristics of different wood choose to use. For example: World Mingqin Fenda Ji him, and he chose the United States to do piano alder body, the Canadian maple neck done. Alder loud and clear crisp treble bass alto vigorous a mellow, sweet impact, while the maple headstock have a very good hardness and voice transmission capabilities, he can string a good conduction of vibration to the piano body, and then create resonance -- a beautiful voice was born. Jipusenji his distinctive use of materials, which were selected mahogany wood body of the bottom of Qin, Qin chosen to do a decent layer of maple, selected to do by cutting maple headstock, materials with excellent, so there will be a crazy rock night.

  In the process of forming the key is to grasp the size, a good guitar is not only a form, but also through changes in expression of form designer concept of beauty, size of the least bit of difference will affect the United States was expressed. More neck thickness will affect the thickness of the speed and effectiveness of the performer, because the bad headstock may lead the world in love Guadan tasteless.

  Guitar work is like carpentry forming the basis of high-rise buildings, only to have a good foundation to lay the guitar available.

Electric guitar paint molding profile
  Electric guitar paint mostly South Korean imports, because electric guitars require the formation of a high transparency and color of anti-aging, etc., domestic painting very difficult to meet the requirements. Electric guitar paint process is divided into: The next Tu Tu painted three processes, a total of three processes, spray paint brushing to be as much as 12-16 times, while the middle of each side will have to amend or polishing, as requested by rigorous processes of complicated can be imagined.

  Guitar paint industry so far in the world not yet been completely replaced with the machinery manufacturers, but in a simple, on coated or painted surface oil, using electrostatic spraying, the others are still difficult or manual operation.

  After making a good painting is also very particular about the drying, the paint after the completion of the first outdoor put it aside for 30-60 minutes, and then enter the 45-degree temperature electric heating barn drying, heating two days and nights (48 hours), the the first cooling and then baked. This paint is very hard process to ensure the guitar at the factory after the paint is not bright and lasting deformation.

  Sanding the paint drying also need to polish a variety of cumbersome manual processes Shuimo aim is to allow guitar to achieve mirror finish, you see the eye-catching paint surface, you want guitar paint process to be so complex?

Electric guitar assembly forming Introduction
  Electric guitar and acoustic guitar assembly processes have a large difference, electric guitar sound system is completed in the assembly process, while the acoustic guitar's sound system is a manufacturing process in the carpentry trade. Pronunciation depends on electric guitar strings vibration when the pickup is electromagnetic induction voltage generated by the wire transfer to the active speakers, the sound arises. In fact, a small pickup like a group of enameled wire ring generator, when the strings in vibration cutting among the core of the coil magnetic field lines, so there is voltage generator, because the amplitude of the different strings, cutting the intensity and speed of the magnetic field lines are not Like, so there are thousands of sounds produced by the change. But this time we can just hear the electric guitar of the acoustic effect of the stage to hear the real voice is through the effects dealt with, he can sound almost unlimited arbitrary expression. Many young people are the reason might be frenzy electric guitar in this bar!

  Electric guitar assembly processes we should not only assembled a variety of accessories, but also do a good job of shielding the work of a variety of accessories, as electric guitars at work around there will be a lot of electrical appliances, electric guitars at this time will have a lot of radio waves interference, if the shield would create noise and alternating current poor sound, resulting in electric guitar does not work.

  After the assembly there will be a senior professional who sings tested, only the power of the perfect combination of pieces of wood painted, and to be repeated several times to debug, a qualified electric guitar can only be handed over to customers.

Acoustic guitar wood molding profile

  Acoustic guitar acoustic guitar is the wood forming a key process, it is directly related to the processing of the merits of a guitar sound and feel, such as processing of thick neck, although the rugged durability but will affect the players use, given the sheer feeling processing of thin, ignoring long-term use of the stability of the neck will not be long-term use of distortion, so the process of production must consider all relevant factors, in order to make the guitar neck to use, durable and comfortable feel. Therefore, the master must be made carefully and materials carefully selected to create a Jian You can only create the neck.

  Qin barrels produced infinitely more subtle, not only the size of the thickness of thin piano drum sound on the guitar has an impact on the front panel let the sound beam system from generation to generation piano master put in the hard work of life. People have great difficulty singing, not to mention the wood processing will "sing" mean? . Qin barrels produced material selection is very important, generally will pay particular attention to the growth of timber location. Mountain south of rapid growth, coarse grain so sweet tenor. Hill north of the slow growth of timber, wood grain meticulous loud and clear treble for call the shots musical instrument. And so on. There are different timber with different voices, and the producer will be specially selected.

Acoustic Guitar paint molding profile
  Fully formed after the guitar to make his durable and aesthetically pleasing, so they give him a "clothing" - paint processing. Paint processing there are three main processes, one: It is primer paint processing, general brushing three times a major role in a closed timber waterline hole, to prevent the paint collapse, it has a better combination of power, well connected wood and Sino-coated paint. 2: Yes, the coated paint process, the general brushing 6-8 times, mainly the role of protecting and Xiu-Ping, and his key role in not only the above-mentioned there is transparency, good, side allow the wood grain show more clearly the natural, so paint production is usually imported. 3: It is coated paint, spray 4-6 times in general and its role is to make guitar cook the performance of different colors different personalities and style, do a few more advanced "face oil" for guitar brighter -- As a natural beauty of the beautiful women, If we apply a "Fen Dai," then do it not beautiful? !

  There are three in the paint processing but also with three grinding processes, the purpose is to paint a more smooth and more refined.

Assembly process description
  The final assembly process is the guitar a process, but also the most strict checking process, his role is to pre-processing of semi-finished products with a few processes in this test and assembly. This process required workers to serious and detailed manner, the workers would like to treasure their eyes love guitar. Moving the guitar in time to adopt a child and both hands carefully, believe it or bump guitar will be scrapped.

  Guitar tuning is essential, accessories installed guitar tuner is needed is a good conditioning, he has to measure the effective guitar chord length is accurate, then debug the pitch for each grade height and string height, and then test Each fret is played goods, and then check the guitar in various parts of the above function is normal, and then listen to the sound quality piano sound and feel the guitar feel and product phase, the final classification categories. Everything good, and a high quality "Keren," The guitar was born. We will tailor-made for her a fit of Qin He - as her "dowry", we will reluctantly will be the same as the girls married she was "married" to you, please remember, ah - must be a good love "her" .

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